Popular painter Rasta has become so popular for painting images of liberation war heroes, former Presidents and famous people. The popularity however is because most of the drawings are deemed ugly and opposite to the actual person.

This time around Rasta surprised many after painting a portrait of the last white former South African president F.W De Klerk who passed away earlier this month.

South Africans are fuming on Twitter and they have labelled Rasta a sellout for painting De Klerk so well. They are saying all the other paintings of black people were not so well done.

Other paintings including that of Nelson Mandela and King Goodwill Zwelithini were criticised by the public.


His other paintings which were criticised by Mzansi include that of Robert Mugabe, Julius Malema, Winnie Mandela,  Thabo Mbeki among others.

Rasta is in CapeTown to deliver a painting of the late President F.W De Klerk. Below is what Rasta posted on his Twitter account.

Below are some of the comments from disgruntled South Africans.