Zola 7 Celebrates His 47th Birthday With A Surprise Birthday Party

Zola 7 recently celebrated his 47th birthday on April 24. Videos of a surprise birthday party are making the rounds on social media.

He took to his X account and expressed his gratitude to his wife for organizing the birthday party. He also thanked DJ Sbu.

He wrote, “Wow April 2024. What a month of love and blessings it has been for all of you who yook the time to wish me well on my birthday, Ngiyabonga.


To my wife you continue to change the story of my life. The surprise birthday was the best part of my birthday month ngiyabonga from the bottom of my heart.

Makwande everyone who took the time to make my day special. @djsbulive ngiyabonga mfethu. ”

In celebration of his birthday, Zola dedicated a moment expressing his gratitude to God for the grace bestowed upon him especially considering the health challenges that he’s faced.