Amanda Du Pont and Jub-Jub were allegedly engaged before he dumped her to be with the famous songbird Kelly Khumalo.

The actress opened up about being r*ped after she and Jub-Jub had broke up. Amanda revealed all this on the SABC 1 celebrity gossip show the Real Goboza. She used to be a co-host on this very same show.

“He started r*ping me. I’d refuse to have s*x as I was tired or didn’t feel like it, but he’d force himself on me”, she said.

She added: “By then I was falling out of love with him, but still didn’t have the guts to leave. R*pe in a relationship is horrible. You don’t understand that person who claims to love you can violate you like that.”

This affected her psychologically and emotionally. However, the actress revealed that she has moved on with her life as she has found love in the arms of another man.