Minnie Dlamini Jones faced the brunt of many frustrated people over the weekend after she posted a tweet supporting alcohol ban which was enacted by Minister of Police Bheki Cele.

A lot of people are lonely and depressed because their lives has stopped. To add on to that the alcohol ban had people losing their minds.

Minnie Dlamini tweeted this,” Domestic violence in SA is a major issue and I can’t help but appreciate the alcohol ban. On that level it’s not fun but it won’t be forever…small sacrifices”.

The post was flooded with comments from a lot of people who disagreed with her. Many said it’s not alcohol even drugs can cause violence and some people said they rely on alcohol to cope with stress.

Minnie defended herself by saying,” I’m not saying alcohol is the only reason for domestic violence but it has been identified as a major contributing factor in most cases.”

While others agreed with her assessment, musician Simphiwe Dana said that there are so many people who don’t drink and still abuse others.