After only 2years and 10months together, blogger Sarah Langa and husband Jehan Mackay are divorcing. The beauty was saved with divorce papers in January and is said to be in the process of finalising the divorce.

It is not such a big shocker that they are divorcing considering that Jehan had moved out of their marital home which is located in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

Jehan left the house in September 2019 and had asked Sarah to do the same by December.

The main reason behind the divorce was Sarah’s obsession with social media. Jehan was not comfortable with with his life or their lives being splattered on social media.


It is reported that, Jehan once called for a family meeting to address the issue. Lack of communication also contributed to the divorce.

The couple is said to have attended counseling for four months but unfortunately it did not yield any results.

Sarah Langa has remained silent on the issue. However her Twitter handle is still showing the name Sarah Langa Mackay.

Meanwhile, Sarah is reported to be walking away with 2,8million rands. She was supposed to walk away with at least 3million but due to their short marriage the money was reduced.