Dinokeng is where the world’s largest rough gem quality diamond was discovered in 1905 and a little over a century later, this is where Mr Tokyo Sexwale came across a gem of his own.

During the struggle he trained military engineering, through his incarceration he did a correspondence Degree in Commerce, but between it all he indulged yet another interest and talent.

Sexwale said his home rendezvous was inspired by rock and reeds thus it is located close to a mountain and rivers. He has sculptures of different African wild animals since the place is located nearby a game reserve.

In addition to that he said he wanted that African place with a rural feel with a lot of wood in it’s interior. In place of the wooden ceiling he used the reeds.

Sexwale also said he was in the process of turning the place green. They cook using gas and installation of solar energy was in the process. The pool is green just like the rivers close by.

Some of the rooms have outside showers and the place is quite a get away place for the whole family. Fishing and boating are some of the activities that are done at this beautiful place.