City Press reports that in a bizarre case, the family of Prophet Siva Moodley, who died of COVID-19 in August, is refusing to collect his body for burial, claiming he will be resurrected.

The newspaper reports that members of his church, The Miracle Centre, came to view his body in August and prayed for his resurrection. Moodley did not wake up.

A spokesman for Martin ‘s Funeral Services in Fourways says the family has been ignoring his calls and do not want to pay for storage of his body on refrigeration.

Martin says he will soon apply to the Joburg council to bury him as a pauper.


Moodley has a wide following across Africa as his sermons are broadcast on DSTV channels TBN and Faith TV.

His Twitter account is still active and tweets are being sent out daily.

Please read the full story in today’s City Press Newspaper – 28 November 2021.