Zenande Mfenyane took to social media to chat about societal pressure on having children and getting married.

Having been pressured herself, Zenande is glad she did not cave and feels people should back off and let others do what they feel is right for them.

Fans thanked Zenande for her post and shared their situations with her

“Just like those who think that when you have a child it’s the end of the road for you. I chose to listen to God as early as I was still in high school.”


“God is great. Its always those one who dont have much to show for their life that say such things.

I know what that feels like “kgante o ba le ngwana neng?” that time I just finished my 2nd degree, chose to have a long engagement before getting married and starting a family.”

“I needed to hear this, at this point of time was just about to give up. But after seeing this I now know nothing is controlled by human beings, if God says is not your time, is not your time. I’ll take my trust and put upon His grace.”