Rea Gopane went publicly on the Podcast chat accusing Bonang Matheba for introducing Kieran “AKA” Forbes to C_caine.

On the Podcast Rea was heard saying AKA got messed up after he got in a relationship with Bonang, which is a proof enough that she introduced dr_gs to him.


He made those allegations but pointed out that, Siyabonga Ngwekazi aka “Scoop” is the one who actually told him.

The accusations got Bonang angry and all she initially wanted was for Rea to apologise with the retraction of his allegations on his social media accounts.

Bonang said that’s a defamation of character and her reputation is on the line.

The queen demanded an apology and a compensation of R500.000 within 10 days left else he will have to face lawful consequences without any further notice.

However, Rea has asked for an apology to both stars Bonang and AKA retracting his statement in a video.