Popular Ntyilo Ntyilo singer, Rethabile Khumalo, has Angrily responded to a trending picture of herself in Sangoma gear and revealed that she is not a Sangoma.

This comes after Chris Excel tweeted :

Most of these kids don’t have a calling yobu Sangoma….They are suffering from schizophrenia or depression, or life failure or heartbreak. Qeda nathi bayatwasa…beletha ubufebe be Savanah on such a dignified profession.


To which Rethabile responded:

Like wtf that was a shoot for sabc1 I never said I am a Sangoma Mina please do your research before you f*u*c_k with me

Rethabile ‘s popular song Ntyilo Ntyilo has millions of views on YouTube and she is a popular performer who is well known across South Africa.

Please watch Rethabile’ s video Ntyilo Ntyilo below: