South AfricanYYouTube Velile explored two villages that were recommended by her followers.

These were Adams and UMbumbulu in KZN.

She said the villages are very close to the city of Durban, and they are set up in a very tropical area.

Actually, I’m just going to The YouTube showed the contrast between these villages, and their level of development.
She said the two villages are very impressive and still governed by the customary law.


She revealed that the government has made sure that its infrastructure is there, and people are able to move around and do business, and also live in their homes in a better and respectful manner.

Starting with UMbumbulu, she said the village is situated in a very tropical area and people are really utilising the land to the greatest.

Many come in and rent over there, and they are able to make money through rentals.

People are still making sure that they have their own livestock and are able to keep their life, the way it’s supposed to be in the rural areas.

Seeing from the distance people still keep their own levels which is the small houses where they connect with their ancestors.

Adding, Velile said people here don’t have title deeds, one person buys the land, subdivide and sell to others.

Moving into Adams, Adams is very much impressive also still holds the same history as Mbumbulu, and has developed the same way which is very much impressive.

She said people are building closer to each other, people have used their land in subdivided forms just like in Mbumbulu.

That means, that’s an opportunity for person who’s coming outside, to be able to buy land there.