Khanyi Mbau is in the morning. Her Zimbabwean Born brand manager, Dylan Kardashian has died tragically.

The popular actress announced on her social media that she lost her brand manager.

Nicki Minaj poses like Dylan Kardashian

Dylan was a Zimbabwean born influencer and creative director and Kanyi ‘s manager who moved to England with his family years ago.

Dylan passed away yesterday which also happens to be the day he was born.


Dylan has been working with Kanyi for over seven years he created the Kanyi Mbau app in 2014, and an artwork for Kanyi’s reality show when she scored a reality show on ETV titled catch up with Kanyi.

An emotional and heartbroken Kanyi Mbau took to Twitter and Instagram to announce Dylan Kardashians passing in a tweet which read.

Rest in peace, my boy.

Please watch the video above this post for more details.