Eskom executive for legal and compliance, Bartlett Hewu, who earns R3, 4 Million Rands per year, was this week suspended for having an illegal electricity connection at his house for 14 years.

Hewu reportedly owes Eskom R250 000 for unbilled usage since 2016, when a smart meter was installed at his Fourways home.

Hewu was only suspended this week after the Sunday Times newspaper made enquires on the matter.

Hewu had also previously connected an old meter from the last owner of his house when he first moved in, and the anomaly was only picked up after the meter tripped due to an overload.


In February this year, Hewu’s new smart meter was disconnected, but he somehow managed to reconnect it.

Hewu’s case has revealed weaknesses in Eskom’s smart meters, as Hewu’s  consumption was not picked up on any exception report, that there was consumption but no account in the system.

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday Times – 13 December 2020.