Media personality Minnie Dlamini Jones’ pregnancy had her singing praises to the queens who raised her and in turn made her a queen.

She shared pictures of her very own pregnant glowing self wearing a flower crown and a white dress attending a baby shower that her mother and friends threw for her.

The actress posted pictures in which she looked so happy and smiling so hard. The blue deco resembled what Minnie shared by saying she is expecting a boy.

“My mom invited all her friends to spoil me for a surprise baby shower. She honestly went all out and I can’t be more grateful for the tribe of women that raised me and continue to love and guide me through all my stages of womanhood. I am a Queen because I was raised by Queens and of course the ultimate Queen herself”,she wrote on Instagram.

The comments section was filled with comments about how beautiful she looked. Minnie added that her mother was her pride and joy.

The godmother of Minnie’s baby is reality tv star Shauwn Mkhize who was also present at the event.