Polygamous Musa Mseleku has apologised to his first wife MaCele (Mamkhulu). Mamkhulu summoned her husband to her house to have a talk.

It seems like Musa Mseleku has been neglecting his responsibilities towards Mamkhulu and her family. Mamkhulu made sure to sit him down and let him know what is bothering her.

She expressed that she wants Musa Mseleku to remember every promise he made to provide and be there for her. This is after he built double storey houses for other wives while Mamkhulu remained in her much smaller single storey house.

It seems Mamkhulu was the last to get her wish. She also highlighted how he never check up on her personally on certain things and how she should be concerned and consulted when there is another wife or wedding to take place.

Mamkhulu made it clear that, Mseleku adding wives does not mean he should neglect her family or rather put her on hold like what he has been doing so.

Mseleku was very understanding and he went on to apologise. He also made it known that he is disappointed in himself to be reminded by his wife what he as a man is supposed to do.