The Queen has been boring and so dull lately. A new character Brenda Ngxoli was introduced to the show. Fans have been loving her Xhosa for the past years in television shows.

Brenda speaking English on the show makes her boring and an awkward character as she loses her Xhosa magic that is loved by fans. It’s been almost a year since the departure of the Mabuzas and fans are still mourning their absence.

The Mabuzas were replaced by the Sebatas who consists of good actors however their combination is no match to that of Gracious Mabuza, Goodness and Mabatho.

Fans have not made peace with the elimination of good characters on the show. Jairos was killed off so quickly but his character made Hector Sebata’s presence cool and exciting.

Petronella’s character is literally serving the whole show at the moment. She made the Sebata family a bit more interesting and without her the family will be so boring.