Top 10 hottest skeem saam actresses:

1. Amanda Du Pont as Lelo, born on the 26th of June 1988.

She is 32 years of age and married.

Joined Skeem saam in 2014.


2. Mogau Paulina as Mapitsi, born July 13,1992.

She is 28 years of age, single and joined the soapie in 2011.

3. Lerato Marabe as Pretty. Born 28 June 1999 and she is 21 years of age.

She  joined Skeem Saam in 2011 and she is single.

4. Keamogetswe Leburu as Bontle.

Born on the 10th of February 1995.

She is 25 years of age, single and joined Skeem Saam in 2014.

5. Nozi Langa as Glenda Mogotsi.

Born in March 9 1994, 26 years of age.

She joined Skeem Saam in 2017 and she is single.

6. Oratile Maitisa as Eunice.

Born March 1, 1999. She is 21 years of age, single.

Joined skeem saam in 2012.

7. Innocent Sadiki as Sthoko.

Born 30 January 1988, 32 years old and married.

Joined skeem saam in 2013.

8. Amanda Manku as Elizabeth.

Single, born 9 August 1991 and she is 29 years of age.

Married and joined skeem saam in 2013.

9. Pebetsi Motlaila as Mokgadi.

37 years old, married and joined skeem saam in 2014.

10. Makgofe Moagi as Charity.

40 years old, joined skeem saam in 2014 and she is married.