Minnie Dlamini Jones, South African socialite and TV Producer spoke to Kadmiel Van Der Puije of TVOA podcast about her career as a producer.

Early Years

Grew up with her Father and mother and two brothers

Minnie revealed that her godmother is a judge and is her role model. In the Industry she looks up up to Connie Ferguson, Basetsana Khumalo and her own mother.


Minnie says she grew up acting, playing sports. Minnie started in the entertainment industry when she was 17 and she then made the decision to go into sports entertainment. She said as this is a male dominated industry, it was difficult to be takenĀ  seriously and she had to prove herself.

Minnie says she wants to tell young women that they don’t have to sleep their way to the top. She says young women must work harder and must educate themselves and surround themselves with people who know better.

Minnie says she wants to inspire other young women and always shares her mistakes so that other women don’t have to make the same mistakes.

She says he life’s purpose is not to be on television, she wants to be an inspiration to other women to challenge society.

Behind The Camera

Minnie says she started out as a production assistant and then got promoted to writing scripts and then got promoted to producing.

She says he longevity is about being behind the camera as a producer. She is grateful to be a producer of films that have never been produced in South Africa. The documentary that she produced “Becoming Mrs Jones” which was the most rated documentary that year.

She was also the executive producer on the car reality show, the Spirit of Mzanzi.


Minnie Dlamini says she is not afraid when it comes to asking for an opportunity.

Lowest Point

Minniesaid she worked for 2 years in the industry without being paid. She was on air every week, but was flat broke.

Minnie said she was loyal but she says she had to take care of herself

Current Show

Minnie is currently producing her own show on Supersport called “Homeground” . It is the only show that is simulcast on two platforms in Africa and in South Africa.


Minnie says the entertainment Industry in South Africa is now well paying. She was hoping to get an international endorsement but no brand wanted to give her a contract.

She then decided to start her own range of beauty products. This is when develop her own range under the MD Body name.

Setting Herself Apart

Minnie says she stays in her own lane. Minnie says she got into the entertainment industry by standing in a line and people voted for her. So she feels she is the people’s entertainer and she learnt on the jon.

She says she has no training and people are connected to her authenticity.

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