Songstress Kelly Khumalo has always found herself in the middle of drama. She sat down  with Devi Sankaree Govender to try and explain what happened to Senzo Meyiwa, father to her daughter.

All she remembers were two men walking into the room with guns demanding money and phones. She ran into her sister’s room that’s when she heard a gunshot.

She ran out only for Senzo Meyiwa to fall on her arms and that is when Kelly realised that he had been shot.

Kelly said she had been blamed for Meyiwa’s death because the country needed someone to blame and they found a villain in her.


She added that people still want her guilty even today. Govender asked Kelly about her Russian accent to which she said it was a lingo she uses with her friends. She revealed that when  she is using that accent she can say anything without any fear.

Kelly revealed that she has lost gigs because of Meyiwa’s matter. She also said she was blamed when Jub Jub the father to her son Christian rammed his car into a group of school kids leaving four of them dead.

In addition to that when her fiance Prosper Mkwaiwa died, all fingers pointed at her. People have blamed her for all the bad things that happen to all the men she has ever dated.

About her sister Zandie who called her toxic, Kelly said she was not worth her time and was not ready to mend fences with her.

Kelly concluded by revealing that she was once addicted to cocaine for over a year. She said she has been clean for 9 years now. The mother of two did not deny that she lightens her skin.