Norma Gigaba has been trending on social media ever since news broke out that she damaged a Mercedes Benz G Wagon which belonged to Malusi Gigaba’s friend.

It is reported that she got angry after finding out that her husband was cheating on her. Norma had to spend a night behind bars after smashing the Benz G Wagon.

Actress Sonia Mbele wrote a message of encouragement to Norma Gigaba and this is what she said.

“It may not make sense…but it makes sense to us…when I say ‘us’, I’m talking to and about women who have been through the most!. Women who have had to appear sane to those who’ve never been tested nor tried!.

She added, “Listen I’m not condoning anyone, anything or any behaviour. But I had to stand on my own when all I needed and wanted was for someone to ‘see me’. Not only my struggles or my faults , but also my pain.”