Outspoken MTN Chairman and former deputy finance Minister, Mcebisi Jonas, has slammed Cyril Ramaphosa for being indecisive and implementing the wrong economic policies.

Jonas was writing in a Sunday Times opinion column.

Jonas said South Africans have been presented with a variety of plans, but there is little sense that anyone is in charge.


He said debates are often stuck between competing ideological positions rather than on developing practical ideas on how to grow the economy, improve productivity and provide jobs.

Jonas saying Ramaphosa’s government is sliding into populism. He said Ramaphosa’ s government is marginalizing Treasury and the Reserve Bank which they consider as being conservative and neo-liberal.

Jonas said Ramaphosa’s government holds the mistaken view that they can print money and spend their way out of trouble.

Please read the full article in today’s Sunday Times – 19 July 2020 (Page 17)