Zahara has tried to explain to Somizi why she became accused Alcohol.

“I won’t lie, I feared that I won’t get air play on radio, appear on TV or get any gig anymore. But I thought it’s not even about that, it’s about the greater picture which is to inspire and give hope. So let me voice out.”

Zahara had a sit down with Somizi Mhlongo after making a mouth dripping dish which included Somizi’s special lamb pie.

The songstress has been through a lot both in her career and personal life. She has opened up about how she doesn’t want to be in the music industry anymore, calling it toxic and depressing.

She clarified with Somizi that the problem was not with alcohol, instead it was the problem that came with fame that led her to drink.

“I had to deal with what led me to drink because the problem was not the alcohol. The problem was what led me to drink”, she clarified.