The highly anticipated series based on Shaka Zulu’s life is currently in production with reports linking Muzi Mthabela to the lead role as the Zulu King.

Muzi has however said that was not the reason for leaving Isibaya.

“There is absolutely no truth that I am going to play Shaka Zulu, as far as I know the Producers haven’t cast for the show. We have never talked about me playing Shaka. Nothing is confirmed and I don’t have any offers.”

Muzi also said he felt that it was time for him to grow thus he left his character as Duma Ngema on Isibaya.

“I never really wanted to leave Isibaya but a good move and an opportunity came in form of another show to play the lead, a very good character.”

He concluded by saying that it was very important to be able to do other shows so that he can grow.