The Kolisi Foundation encompasses Siya and Rachel Kolisi’s hearts in one project. Their narrative is to change inequality for people in vulnerable disadvantaged communities in South Africa.

The duo joined Afternoon Express to shed more light on the philanthropic work that they are doing across South Africa.

The couple with their four children have great days in lockdown. Besides that they are always out lending their helping hand to the needy.

They are helping a lot of struggling families through their foundation the Kolisi Foundation. They managed to feed 41 000 families since their journey started.

They have travelled to five Provinces of South Africa and they are yet to visit the remaining four. They are working with several other foundations including the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

They urged everyone to lend help with whatever they can afford. They also condemned the killing of Black people and the murder of women. They called on people to shun racism and gender based violence.