Bontle Modiselle recently posted a video of her dancing on Twitter which left people questioning whether she is a good dancer or bad. Bontle has made her name in the dancing industry.

One Twitter user commented on her video and said, “It’s like she is fighting, eish dude like it just seems so forced and the aim is not to sweat. All the time uyalwa”.

Bontle’s fans flooded her social media platform with Bontle’s dancing videos as they tried to prove that she is a great dancer.

Bontle answered the claims calmly and said, “I will never argue with anyone’s opinion on me or my work. No offence taken, I don’t argue because I have no control over how I am received, only my output”.

She added: “I have good days and not so fantastic ones and I am cool with that. I only care to grow from all experiences. I am open to criticism, constructive though”.