Black Coffee and along with many South Africans are fed up with the senseless killings of women and girls at the hands of men. 

For the past few days social media posts about women and children being killed in the country caused an outrage from users who are calling for justice to be served.

The horror of it all with these tragedies is that these victims’ lives are taken by men close to them, their lovers, who are expected to be their protectors.

Black Coffee and other celebrities are calling on government to take action. He has started by organising a march that will hopefully shine light on these atrocities.


The DJ posted a poster giving details about the march, which will happen on Monday, June 15, at 9 AM at 150 Commissioner Street, Soweto.

Keeping with the lockdown regulations he has encouraged social distancing and the usage of masks and said that the march will be peaceful with all the males dressed in black and no looting is allowed. The great initiative is commended by many on social media.

However, some fear that it is too late and a march or protest will not implement any change needed.