Spike Lee chats with Trevor Noah about his new film ‘Da 5 Bloods’. The movie has been streamed across the world on Netflix.

The film tells a powerful story about Black war veterans from the Vietnam war. Da 5 Bloods comes at a time when the world is protesting against racism.

Spike Lee pointed out at the United States of America where the killing of George Floyd and other African Americans has prompted wide spread protests challenging the entire history of racist police violence against Blacks.

Everything in the film connects to what is happening in America. The film tells a story of four Black men who served America during the Vietnamese war.

They come back to America, a country that is racist to them even though they fought for it. The country oppresses them despite the fact that they are war heroes.

Da 5 Bloods shows flashbacks of how African Americans have served and built a country that never loved them back because they are Black.