Lil Way Interviewed Nicki Minaj this afternoon on his Young Money Radio show.

Nicki spoke about the struggles of being a female in the industry in the early days of her career. Nicki said it was difficult to get people to take her seriously.

She said at the time people had given up on female rappers as they record lables did not believe that female rappers can bring money to the label.

Minaj said she was working hard and most people dont know how much work it is to be in the music industry.


Wayne said work ethic is very important to him.

Minaj said she is taking time off social media and was giving herself time with family and with herself and to think.

Minaj spoke about her number one single with Doja Cat which recently came out.

Minaj confimed that she recently got married and said she is enjoying her new life and has no complains.

Minaj said being married is calming and makes her feel like she is on top of the world.