Vusi Thembekwayo has revealed how one can develop an app on their own. He talked about developing an App with a “ctrl F” mechanism.

A “ctrl F” is the instruction you type on a computer when you are trying to find something for example a word in a PDF document or Word document.

Vusi speaks about having a “ctrl F” app for video. He said since a video will have visuals and audio it is required to tag some text in the video using the text tag base system.

He added that the other way was to build an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that runs behind the video when it’s playing. AI tags the text and places it in a library and it also creates a data base by adding words in the video.

So if there is a word “Android” or “Tag” in the video and it’s found on the 10th minute in a 20 minute video, you just type ctrl F Android and the video will quickly jump to the tenth minute where the word Android is located.

He also said the best way to get ideas about developing an App was to ask questions from app developers and get what they have to say about your app ideas.