Polygamous Musa Mseleku sits down with his sons grooming them about how a man should lead a family. Mseleku is preparing his three older sons how it is like to be a father.

Mseleku is teaching his sons of what is expected of a man and how a man should lead a family is a Zulu set up tradition.

Besides teaching them how they should be when they are married he also told them to take the lead of a man in his absence but of course with guidance from their mothers.

Mseleku added that his sons must learn good traits exhibited by their father for example if their father is a businessman they too must learn business and excel beyond what he achieved in that particular business.

He also talked about fathers who abuse women in their homes and encouraged young man including his sons that beating women is not acceptable.

Musa Mseleku concluded by teaching his sons never to abuse their future wives or children as such bad habits maybe passed on to their own children by default.