Lady Zamar has been going on about people dragging her on social media. She is tired of people interfering with personal life.

“I love music and I love my fans, but no one is entitled to the personal details of my life. And you all drag me wild and unnecessarily, I am tired of being dragged for every possible thing under the sun especially stuff non of you know about”, Lady Zamar said in a tweet.

Her other tweets show that she feels like she is being persecuted. “Allowing myself the freedom to be whoever I wanna be…even if everyone says I am being dramatic… living it! I am an artist so…? # Super Star”, she tweeted.

Tweeps responded unkindly to her posts by calling her dramatic and an attention seeker. They accused her of crying foul when people give their opinions forgetting that she is the one who aired her private business to the public.

Lady Zamar is currently going through a lot with the Sjava case.