Salamina Mosese is a South African actress, presenter and producer. She recently gave birth to her second child. She joined Afternoon Express to talk about raising a newly born during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Salamina is popular for her roles in Abomzala and Baby Mamas. She is married to actor and singer Howza who plays Lerumo Chabedi in Scandal.

Lockdown has given her time to adjust to being a new mum after eight years. It also allowed her to spend more time with her new born baby and her family as well .

The actress is also keeping herself busy with home schooling her first born who is currently in Grade three. Music has also kept her family going during this lockdown. Her husband is back in the studio to record new music.

Salamina suffers from depression. Her children are motivating her and thus has helped her to stay sane during this lockdown. She is also taking extra care of herself and she has been listening to music just to keep calm.

She urged people not to spend too much time on social media platforms. Salamina recommended doing exercises and talking to family duirng this time.