Beloved businesswoman and reality television show star Shauwn Mkhize popularly known as MamMkhize has decided to set the record straight after hearing hurtful rumours about her.

Rumours were circling around that MamMkhize had cut salaries of her football players by 60 percent due to Coronavirus.

MamMkhize co-owns a KwaZulu-Natal based football club called GladAfrica Championship. She heard the rumours on Ukhozi FM on Saturday.

She said, the salaries were cut not by 60 percent but by 40 percent. Shauwn said the football players were actually paid 60 percent of their usual salaries.

She further said she was hurt because the players had to spread rumours instead of coming to her to lay their grievances. Shauwn revealed that she is like a mother to them.

Shauwn Mkhize used to own Royal Eagles soccer club with her husband Sbu Mpisane before they divorced.