Bishop Stephen Zondo is suing his sister for calling him a wizard and a devil worshipper. Zondo is demanding R500 000 in damages for defamation.

This is not a stranger but his blood sister who is calling him a satanic worshipper. Zondo is suing his own sister which shows that maybe there is some truth into this story.

It is reported that there are a lot of other people who left Zondo’s Ministry. These people are alleged to be keeping testimonies that seem to support what Zondo’s sister is saying.

Bishop Zondo’s wife Seabi Zondo left him and the church after she caught him cheating on her with another church member. It is reported that she had also stopped attending church services.

Bishop Stephen Zondo and the other likes of him do not want bad information said about them. They will sue anyone and this has raised eyebrows that maybe whatever is being said about them is the truth.