Mpumi Ledwaba shares her s*xual story and how dating young almost destroyed her. She started dating when she was just fourteen years old.

Mpumi had just started high school when she got into a relationship with a guy who was seventeen years old. The boy who was three years her senior was always in control of the relationship since she was immature.

She was easily manipulated and thus when she started wanting to show her boyfriend how much she loved him. Out of desperation she invited her boyfriend to her house since her parents were not home.

Her boyfriend insisted on having s*xual intercourse with her. Mpumi tried to stop him but her boyfriend did not stop and thus how she lost her virginity at the age of fourteen.


Mpumi was left traumatised and confused. Her boyfriend had not used protection and she started worrying whether she was going to be sick or to get pregnant.

After a two year break from dating, Mpumi started having s*xual relationships with multiple guys. She would sleep with every boyfriend she had at the time.

She realised through therapy that her first s*xual experience had left a scar on her. It was through therapy that she realised that she was s*xually abused.