Boity Thulo has revealed that she is no longer practicing as a Sangoma anymore, something she said was a very difficult and so deep to talk about.

Thulo said she was not going to give much detail about it as she wanted to avoid reducing its importance down to a mere celebrity gossip.

The reality star and now rapper Boity Thulo was so excited when she began her journey of becoming a Sangoma four years ago. Fans were introduced to Gogo Boitumelo who would help them with their spiritual journey.

She wrote, “They called, I answered. The proudest, most incredible day of my life, a beautiful gift that I will never take for granted.”

During an interview with Drum Magazine she revealed that she will not be practicing as a Sangoma anymore. She told the magazine that indeed she went to an initiation school to Thwasa.

She talked about how her age, marriage and her stage of life was creeping in. This maybe the reason she is quiting maybe she is ready to settle down. Maybe potentials are intimidated by her status as a Gogo.