Businesswoman and media personality Minnie Dlamini always has her fans probing their opinions in her personal life but this has worsened ever since she got married to Quinton Jones.

However according to her there is one question she does not like to be asked by anyone especially her fans. She said the question was too invasive.

The question she hates being asked the most amongst all the invasive questions is being asked when she is going to have a baby. Minnie has been married to Jones since 2017 but the couple still has no children.

She said babies are miracles and some people struggle to have children. She said she really didn’t like the question, she will have children when her time comes.

However Minnie said she understands that people want to see her having children since they also witnessed her getting married. She added that at the moment it does not seem like she is having children.

The television presenter said that it does not matter if people scrutinise her work because that comes with being a celebrity. However she has had enough with people who discuss and criticise her family, as she regards such things as very invasive.