Faith Nketsi talks about herself and her controversy. She is a young woman of Sotho decent and she grew up in London. Faith is a businesswoman and social media influencer.

Nketsi is known for her dancing especially twerking on YouTube and that made her famous. From twerking she became a business woman in the beauty industry.

She runs a social media brand Feline Management where she helps women with advise on how to make money. Feline Management was once allegedly associated with illegal dealings in 2018.

She was accused on Twitter and she found her self in trouble with law. It was claimed that Feline Management was selling young ladies ( pr_osti_tui_on).

After the tweet young beautiful girls started sending her DMs saying they wanted to be part of her business. The moment was so traumatising for her since she was not involved in such kind of dealings.

She also squashed rumours that she was having an affair with Offset as false. Her positive message to women was for women to support one another and not hate on other women.