Former Generations the Legacy actress and sangoma Letoya Makhene recently came out as a lesbian.

In her announcement to the public, she revealed that she had found love in the arms of a Johannesburg businesswoman Lebo Keswa.

The two’s relationship once revealed was drawing a lot of attention, but for this couple the lockdown worked to their advantage. It gave their relationship a chance to breathe away from public scrutiny.

The couple have turned a deaf ear to people’s comments and they have moved in together in a leafy Joburg home. Letoya confessed that it took her time to tell her family and the world about her lesbian relationship.

Her biggest fear was how people were going to react. Letoya also feared telling her dad and her children that she was now in love with a woman.

Fortunately for her, the family was accepting and supportive of the relationship. Keswa also confirmed that she was deeply in love with Letoya.