Grace Mugabe’s son Russell Goreraza has lost his car in South Africa.

His car was repossessed at his Sandhurst home in Sandton on Thursday last week while he was on a business trip to Zimbabwe.

Goreraza is in deep financial crisis and is failing to keep up with the required monthly installments for his cars.

The car which was repossessed is claimed to be worth 1,2million Rands. His other car a VW Vigo is also up for repossession.


Russell bought the 1,2 million Rand car through the Wes Bank Vehicle Finance in 2018. He was supposed to pay installments of 41 500 Rands per month for over five years.

However due to his financial state he failed to pay thus he is in arrears amounting to 389thousand Rands.

In addition to that he failed to pay monthly installments of 9 681 Rands for the VW leading to arrears amounting up to 111 987 Rands.

Meanwhile it is reported that, Goreraza said his accounts were frozen by the Bank of China thus he failed to keep up with payments.