Yolanda Miya is the Managing Director and Head of Financing and Solutions Group at Deutsche Bank in South Africa.

Miya has been with Deutsche Bank for almost 15years now and she said determination can really get anyone to the top.

She added that continuous innovation is important in order to stay ahead of the curve and that she is extremely passionate about transformation and not distribution.

She said one must understand that career is a journey and in a journey there are a lot of potholes.


When you hit a pothole do not quit, fail, adjust and be better thereafter. People must not be fearful of failure for them to succeed.

Miya added that a career is not a sprint but a marathon. However she said she was very fortunate to have been in an organisation like Deutsche.

The organisation never made her to feel that her race or gender will have an impact on her success. She acknowledged that there are individuals with such perspectives but they just need to be educated and embraced.

As for her legacy, Miya chairs the transformation and diversity committee and within that committee, they have an intrapreneual development centre that was incepted in 2008.

Since then she managed to create more than ten sustainable black owned businesses and mostly they are owned by females

Her word of advise was that everything is a means to end and no matter the difficulty, it is just a temporary phase towards success.