The new reality TV show which has taken Mzansi by storm had people shaking after Airing its first episode on the 9th of January this year. People were not expecting what they saw and twitter was blazing with tweets of awe.

The thing that really pulled the people was Shawn’s house which is very big and one tweet said that it was literally “dubai” in Durban.

The house is very big that some tweeps are saying that local celebrities who thought were rich are shaking and low key watching Shawn’s reality TV.

Besides the fact that she is wealthy and not rich like some followers say, she has also gained the favour of the country because regardless of all the wealth that she has, she has managed to remain humble and content with her looks as well. Meaning she has not attempted any plastic surgery on her face.

The way she is humble it is even said that some women on ” The Real Housewives Of Johannesburg” should be feeling threatened right now as Shawn never inherited her wealth from her husband but worked for it through her construction company and other business entities.

Some tweets went on to even say that this reality show now makes other reality shows look like adverts and also the upcoming Boity’s reality show ” Own Your Throne” has really big shoes to fit in as #KwaMaMkhize has really set the bar high.