10. Ludwick Marishane- He is the founder of Headboy industries who invented the DryBath. His goal in inventing this Drybath was to find a way to provide hygiene to 2 billion people around the world who can’t bath. Drybath is a gel that does all the work of a bath without water. At the age of 28 he has already secured contracts with air lines ,hotel groups and other travel industry services . In 2011 he was rated the best entrepreneurial student in the world and Google mentioned him as one of the 12 brightest minds in the world.

9. Max Hussman- He is the founder of Elegance group and has also participated in the 2016 Olympic games. Max runs an aviation business under the Elegance group which includes Elegance air, sport consulting and aviation consulting. He was born in Accra the capital if Ghana,raised in Germany then moved to build a home in South Africa and he is only 30 years old.

8. Murendwa Mmabasotho Mukwevho- She is the only female on this list ,at the age of 29 she is a multimillionaire with a string of income generating businesses varying from logistics to printing. One of her companies operates in Chicago, America . Apart from the many businesses that she owns, she also works at the SABC as an editor and studio director. Being a millionaire runs in the blood as her father is also a millionaire businessman.

7. Doug Hoernle- He started his first business at the age of 19 when he was still at the University of Cape Town. It was a metric tutoring business called Rethink Education. He later moved to selling wines with personalised labels for birthdays and anniversary celebrations. He is also the founder of Karri Payments which is a platform that helps schools to collect payments.


6. Rupert Bryant- Only 28 years old,he started a web developing company at the age of 14,at 16 he got into a joint venture with a friend. He is currently the CEO of the internet service provider called Web Africa which he started with his friend with barely nothing but now it is a R130 million per annum company.

5. Sandile Shezi- Being laughed for selling muffins at school never pulled him down. He risked all his tuition fee whilst he was still at the Durban University of Technology which was a long short that made him a multimillionaire today. Force trading is the reason why he is on this list of the top 10 richest young people of South Africa today.

4. Mike Eilertsen- This is a story of a waiter turned into an entrepreneur. The 28 year old is the founder of the media group company called Live Out Loud. He has been keeping a record of over 100000 South Africa’s businessmen since he was young. He has led to the development of multimillionaire magazines an idea that came to life in November 2007.

3. Duduzane Zuma – He is the son of former South African president Jacob Zuma. He owns a company called Mabengela Investments which holds a stake if 12.5% in the Ayigobi Consortium.

2. Adii Pienaar- The 32 year old is the founder of the company Woothemes which is a company that designs and develops customisable commercial themes and plugins for WordPress. This company was founded in 2007 with a bootstrap budget. The company generates more than USD 3 million annually. He is also the founder of Public Beater a service that allows very successful entrepreneurs to transfer knowledge to new startups.

1. Vusi Thembekwayo- Taking the first position on the list,Vusi was ranked number1 in public speaking in Africa and he was only 17 years of age. At the Age if 25 he was already serving on the operations board of a multi-national company that turned more than R17 billion per annum. Vusi has held motivational talks in more than 4 continents to an audience of more that 250 000 people . It is said that his humor is undeniably what attracts his audience all over the world.