Lesedi Matsunyane- Ferguson the daughter of a well known actress in South Africa Connie Furguson is really fitness goals with her new summer body.She posted on her Instagram page showing off her great weight loss and now she can now fit her jeans she haven’t worn in 2 years with a caption, “I greet u in the name I can now fit in the jeans I haven’t won in 2 years”.Lesedi has been spending more time in the gym working on her body and to show how serious she is she has been working with her mom on her gym sessions and she is also part of the fitness squad. She also posted showing gratitude to her mother for helping her through this journey, “The Queen Mother herself. @connie_ferguson you keep me accountable and that helps me continue to be consistent. Today I managed 6 DAYS straight!! Who would’ve thunk!??? Y’all helped me get here. It takes a village. Still got work to do but wow… I’m a lot further than how I began,” she added.Earlier this month Lesedi shared how she felt about her transformation from where she started her fitness campaign for the past six months