Khama Billiat is a Zimbabwean professional footballer who currently plays as a midfielder for Kaizer Chiefs in South Africa. He also plays for the Zimbabwe national team.

Khama Billiat has not been exempted from trending for all the wrong things, like most famous footballers Khama has been involved with many famous women as well. Its quite obvious that with all the money that he has and being one of the most sort after footballers in the continent he must be living big.

This is a list of the 5 girls Khama Billiat has dated.

1. Ado Adams-She is a South African well established model who was born in Limpopo and in 2013 she was crowned Miss Cosmo Brazil. Before she dated Khama Ado dated Khama’s homeboy and national teammate Tendai Ndoro and at some point the two footballers fought over her. Khama won the lady’s heart, though their relationship didn’t sail very far it ended with its fair share of baby mama drama as Ado claimed that she had a baby boy with Khama but the footballer rebuked and denied all the allegations.


2. Beverly Sibanda-She is a Zimbabwean exortic dancer. She is well known in Zimbabwe for her explicit dancing. In 2013 Bev as she is famously known by her followers told national radio that she was dating Khama and his wife-would-be. This was after she put Khama on her profile picture with a love status, However this seemed like some side chick type of relationship. The two met at Red Fox Hotel after a warriors game against Egypt.

3. Esnath Munyedawo- she is the permanent resident in Khama Billiat heart as she is his wife. Their relationship back dates to 2009 with its own fair share of hiccups like any other relationship. The two managed to settle their differences and got married. They have a 10year old daughter named kimberley. Khama seems to be a bit private when it comes to his family.

4. Tshengofatso Matlou- Born in South Africa, she is a prominent South African model. Khama loves fashion without a doubt and the guess is he wanted queen that could keep up with the trends or even raise the bar when it comes to fashion which explains his soft spot for models. Khama dated Matlou in 2014 and she was Khama’s side chick.

5. Malibongwe Gumede – with football interests in common, this would have been an interesting relationship. She is a female soccer player. With long conversations, Malibongwe and Khama almost dated. Gumede said she got messages from Khama inviting her to his house to which she refused saying she had been warned that he brings women to his house for sex, so the guess is Gumede most probably wanted something serious with our Khama and not just a fling