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Lerato Kganyago and DJ Naked are Dating

Quinton Masina aka DJ Naked and Lerato Kganyago have left viewers with a lot of unanswered questions after Lerato licked DJ Naked on the neck on a live Instagram video.

DJ naked and wife Naledi Willers announced in February this year that they were splitting up just two years after tying the knot, however it is not yet quite clear if their divorce has been finalised or not. However DJ naked is now a single man as they both announced that they will be living separately.

Lerato has since been friends with our DJ and very close ones too which has led to some rumours spreading. Lerato has always rebuked the rumours that her and DJ naked are dating claiming that they are just friends only. In she August she posted a picture of her with DJ Naked and it fueled many questions amongst tweeps about the kind of relationship these two had.

Lerato captioned that picture with a message that said DJ naked only liked “Abo Mbali” that is women characterised by long weaves,makeup and trendy clothes.

However a recent video fueled these suspicions that had died down. Everyone has a friend of the opposite sex but do you lick them in public? In this video it not only shows Lerato licking DJ naked but also he seems willing and approving of it. It’s as if these guys are already a couple.

It is only a few days till we hear that they are now an item just like how most celebrity relationships start.