Brenden Praise penned an appreciation for his wife calling her an inspiration.

The singer, who has been married to Mpoomy since their early 20s, said he was grateful for the privilege of watching her become the woman she always aspired to be.

Brenden married Mpoomy at age 22. Reflecting on the period before she said I do, Mpoomy said she would do things the same all over again..

“This day 5 years ago I was 22 and turning 23 in a few days. My tummy was runny and I was a little worried about how my Zulu uncles would treat my very gentle Pedi family … my sister-in-law Palesa Nkuna pretty much held it down (well, she had no choice). Whether our lobola was successful or not, we were set to marry the next evening at 6pm. Our entire wedding cost R10,000 including our outfits and we pretty much didn’t know what we were eating after the wedding (lobola, wedding, new apartment) all in January. With no honeymoon as an option,” Mpoomy went down memory lane.

The mom of two expressed her gratitude for how everything has turned out for her.

“Anyway, I’m rambling and just grateful … it’s been a journey and a half #phew.”