The investigation, aided by a police report of Sefalafala’s cellphone records, sheds light on the disturbing events surrounding the fabricated “arrest” of Ahuiwi Netshidaulu, the former acting CEO of Lepelle Northern Water Board, who was targeted for not paying an illegal R5-million invoice.

In one text message, Sefalafala is alleged to have written, “I am going to Dubai soon for holiday back January tell me if u killed him,” in reference to an alleged conversation about a police officer who was reportedly involved in the abduction.

These messages, among others, have played a crucial role in building the case against Sefalafala and his co-accused.

The case further reveals that two police officers, one of whom has since passed away, played a significant role in the kidnapping scheme, assisting in fabricating an “arrest warrant” and providing muscle during the abduction.

The charge sheet details how the victim, Netshidaulu, was taken to upscale restaurants and photographed with Sefalafala until a ransom of R2.9 million was paid, creating a false impression of voluntary presence.