The Black Management Forum (BMF) has fired its President, Andile Nomlala.

In a statement posted on their website, the BMF said:

The Black Management Forum held its Special General Meeting on the 10th of December 2022, where key leadership decisions were made. 

The meeting was called in line with the Forum’s Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI), where it stipulates that members can call a Special General Meeting outside of the Annual General Meeting, having met certain MOI provisions. The Forum members felt it necessary to convene and deliberate on the state of the presidency and its conduct. 


The BMF stands for ethical leadership and good governance. The code of conduct stipulates how members should conduct themselves in their private and public lives. In line with the values enshrined by the organisation, members tabled substantive views on why the presidency needs to be dissolved. The recent allegations meted against President Andile Nomlala along with his subsequent suspension, created conditions for the Forum to deliberate on what would be the best way forward. 

Members voted to dissolve the presidency of the Forum to protect the organisation and to uphold its ethos, values and core principles. The decision to dissolve the presidency was not reached lightly, and this moment in the history of the BMF stands as a painful one. Further, Ms. Esethu Mancotywa (Deputy President) resigned during the SGM, and the meeting resolved to accept her resignation. This comes after three weeks when Mr. Philippe Bakahoukoutela (Acting Managing Director) resigned from the organization. 

The members also decided to nominate a current board member Ms Farah Ally to be the interim Chairperson, with the mandate of leading the organisation to an elective AGM where the new presidency will be elected. The timeframe for this process will be three months from January 2023. 

The BMF will continue to pursue its mandate of creating a critical mass of managers and leaders that reflect the values of the organisation, and to drive socio-economic transformation. “This moment will remain a sobering one for all leaders, in that, leadership is a high calling which must be entered into with humility and respect, acknowledging that nobody is bigger than the cause we stand for” concluded Farah Ally.