Kidnapped Ukrainian businesswoman, Anichka Penev (35), was released after a ransom of R5 million was paid.

Please watch the CCTV video of Anichka Penev ‘s kidnapping below.

Sources told the Sunday Times newspaper that kidnappers called negotiators on Friday night and said Anichka would be killed if the ransom was not paid.

Anichka was kidnapped in front of he business on Thursday 29 September, 2022, while driving her luxury Audi R8.


A video of the kidnapping shows Anichka being boxed in by two vehicles before she was taken away in one of the vehicles by a group of men.

Her vehicle was left at the scene of the kidnapping.

Anichka is a mother of two children aged one and two and owns a successful plastic bottle manufacturing company in Blue Downs, with her husband Simeon, which employs 250 people.

She was found in a shack in Kayelitsha after the ransom was dropped off.

Anichka was in negotiations with the local business forum for ‘protection’ before she was abducted.